Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Boy and his Turtle... or The Legend of Turtle Boy

Parents... this might be a good time to have that "talk" you've been meaning to have with your children...
Good friend and artist Jonathan Hansen have discussed the idea of doing a book featuring artists from the Worcester County and New England area doing their own interpretation of Turtle Boy.

Much like Narragansett Beer's slogan "If you're not drinking Narrgansett, you're not from New England" similar could be said about Turtle Boy "If you don't know what the heck Turtle Boy is, you're probably not from Worcester".

Turtle Boy is our own little oddity. The actual name of the sculpure is The Burnside Fountain. But it was given the affectionate nickname Turtle Boy by the locals. The original intention was suppose to be very mythological in origin with a nude young boy riding a sea turtle.

However, given the positioning of the lad and the expression on the turtles face some people are given the impression that... well... you do the math.

That aside, the idea is to feature 50 artists or so with the proceeds from the book going towards funding visual and performing arts in the city of Worcester. My lofty idea would have been to somehow fund reopening the much missed Foothills Theatre as both a working shared studio and performance space for both art shows and theatrical productions.

But I think that ambition might be a bit out of reach and I'm not sure if the Foothills building met with the wrecking ball when they finally got rid of that eye-sore known as the Common Outlets. Nonetheless, the money made WILL go towards visual and performing arts (and artists) in the city.

A formal application is in the works as well as formal announcement. So stay tuned.

My suggestion for a new Animated Batman series...

There have been quite a few Batman animated series's since the 1990s as well as several one off animated movies in recent years. Some of which I've enjoyed. Some of which I feel missed the mark. But I feel like its high time DC Comics and Warner Animation did a modern adaptation of Carmine Infantino's "new look" Batman from the mid-1960s.

I'm serious. If it wasn't for both Carmine Infantino's redesign of the Caped Crusader as well as the success of the television series starring Adam West, Batman would have most likely been cancelled and possibly been long since forgotten.

I think it's high time we give both their well-earned respect as either a television series or a one off animation the way they did Year One and the Dark Knight Returns.

I'm well aware some of you might say, "But didn't they already do that with Batman: The Brave and the Bold". Which, quite frankly, was a television series I greatly enjoyed. But the answer to that is NOPE!

Although there are nods to the Adam West series, the character design of Brave and the Bold is closer to the Dick Sprang/Sheldon Moldoff era of Batman. Dick Sprang's influence is apparent in the series's design of the Joker.

I would welcome a series that both took Infantino's design of the Dynamic Duo as well as adapted many of the stories which were written during that time period. It worked really well when they adapted The Laughing Fish for Batman: The Animated Series. They even managed to effortlessly add elements from an earlier Batman story The Joker's Five Way Revenge.

Perhaps if they were to do an animated series or movie of this nature, they could get Adam West and Burt Ward to reprise their respective roles as Batman and Robin.

Come on DC and Warner Brothers! Make this happen!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Renewed my website domain today

I was a bit mystified that had already been an entire year since I first set up a website and domain name!! Which meant it was time to renew everything. And the sooner the better.

From what I've been told is there is some scumbag lurking out there on the Super Information Highway like that sleazy guy in an equally as sleazy dirty Ford Econoline Van who just waits for people's domain names to expire. Then he swoops in and steals the domain. Usually your site ends up becoming a link sites to various porn sites that will most likely give your computer a virus.

He then tries to sell you back your domain for a ridiculous amount of money.

Seeing that it's only $14 bucks to register, I thought it would be best to get it out of the way before I lost my domain and had to start from scratch.

So, you can visit my site at the same name and the same address for another year. However, I did give it a slightly new look with a brand new image (as seen above) just to commemorate a whole new year.

So, come and visit me anytime!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Around and about the Brimfield Flea Market

Last Sunday Syd and I checked out the Brimfield Antiques Flea Market. I've never been to it and to be honest I didn't know what to expect...

...and I don't think I was ready for the sensory overload. Even for the last day of their Summer schedule and many of the vendors had rolled up days prior, it was still pretty well attended with a lot to look at.

Syd scored a phrenology bust (as seen above) and a bunny bank. She had got it because it was similar to one she had a kid. I found some piano music with ukulele accompaniment to a song from 1926 called WHAT A SMILE CAN DO. That was pretty much my big purchase for the day. A Del's Lemonade cart happened to be there so we shared a large cup of their famous frozen lemonade and One Love Cafe (located on 800 Main Street in the Woo) had a cart there too so we had jerked chicken and tofu respectively. It was the first time I had jerked chicken and we may have to visit their restaurant sometime soon. We also had some amazing handmade donuts. And I've never been a huge sweets type person. But these were great!!

I also happened to snap a shot of a vintage Narragansett Beer Bottle.

We also ran into several of our friends walking about that day too. 
All in all it was a fun day out without breaking the bank. And we're thinking about checking it out when it starts up again in September.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Goon Show (Colour Version)

A color version of the Goon Show artwork I did recently. All colors added digitally. I decided to give Spike Milligan's character Count Moriarty a sickly green pallor. Simply because most of the shows describe him being in a perpetual death-like state.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Goon Show artwork

A second attempt at characters from THE GOON SHOW. This time in Sumi Black Drawing Ink with brush on Canson Bristol Board. Featuring key characters Neddie Seagoon, Eccles, Bluebottle, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Count Jim Moriarty, and Major Denis Bloodnok. 

You may also currently bid on it:

Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Goon Show Character Sketch

A little something I sketched this morning for my British friends in mind. Many of my American friends might not be familiar with The Goon Show.

Then again, maybe some of you do. 

However, for the benefit of listeners who are not familiar with the Goons, it was comedy that ran on the radio from 1951 until 1960s which starred Peter Sellers, Harry Seacombe and Spike Milligan voicing various character. 

The show would later be revived in the 1960s as the Telegoons which featured marionette versions of the characters once again being voiced by Sellers, Seacombe and Milligan. I've wanted to try and do cartoon versions of the characters for some time. 

I did a quick sketch of Count Jim Moriarty and Hercules Grytpype-Thynne with Neddie Seagoon in the middle of them this morning. Moriarty, Grytpype-Thynne and Seagoon were all voiced by Milligan, Sellers and Seacombe respectively. 

Most of the episodes would consist of Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty suckering the hopelessly hapless hero Neddie Seagoon into one of their schemes to swindle money. Which Neddie would be the inevitable fall guy.

I also took some reference for the look of the characters both from the Telegoons puppets and the Telegoons comic. I did a little revising on the character designs. Especially in the case of Neddie and Count Moriarty whom I imagined looking slightly different than the puppets or cartoon characters created.

Nothing fancy on this one. Just Micron Pens in my Pen Sketcher Sketchbook.