Friday, May 22, 2009

Audio Journals

I had recently done some artwork for Audio Journals. I had done a couple illustrations for them a while back featuring this seeing eye dog they named Wiffy for some promotional stuff.

According to their website: Audio Journal is Central Massachusetts' radio reading service for individuals who are print disabled. We provide information, education and entertainment to those who, for any reason, are unable to access the printed page. We serve not only those who are totally blind, but also those who are legally blind or have any visual impairment or physical disability. A print disability prevents one from holding printed materials. Common causes include paralysis, arthritis, stroke, AIDS, multiple sclerosis,cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease, just to name a few.

My brother Mat's friend Jason Rufo works for Audio Journals and he was the guy who originally came to me to do some artwork. I've know Jason (or JJ as we usually call him) since High School.

They wanted something more cartoony than I usually do. Cartooning is one of those things like riding a bicycle. I did it so much when I was younger it almost comes naturally for me. It's my on/off switch. I can switch on whenever I it comes in handy for things like this or doing a class at the Art Museum.

I even had a student ask me if I created the Flintstones once during a class ;-)

Well, he came to me this time to say that they wanted some more artwork of Wiffy for this cook book Audio Journals is putting together. So, this is the work I came up with. I'll be certain to let you know when the book is out:

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