Saturday, September 25, 2010

Astro Sasquatch vs. The Giant Walking Eye

I've known my friend Sean Fennell since High School and he's probably one of the most talented musicians I've ever met. Just in terms of the insanely brilliant music he composes. And he doesn't really stick to one genre but takes those genres and puts them in a blender and mixes them together. Although, you can tell that Frank Zappa is one of his chief influences.

Well, Sean's been doing some animations of late combining both his brilliant music with his equally insane Adult Swim meets Army of Darkness ideas. The result: Astro Sasquatch vs. The Giant Walking Eye!! He composed all the music for this as well as appears as the voice of The Giant Walking Eye.

Incidentally, I did design the Star Wars style title font for the animation ;-)

Now, sit back, grab yourself a popcorn and soda and enjoy some good old fashioned Astro Sasquatch type action!!


Andy Fish said...


Bret M. Herholz said...

Thanks Andy :-) If you happen to be patrolling the streets of Worcester some night, you can catch Sean and his band Sky Blue Mind at Beatniks playing his brand of Frank Zappa meets Danny Elfman style music.

Definitely worth the night out :-)