Thursday, September 23, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix

(Photo: Joaquin Phoenix or me after a long Winter. You decide) I admit I was suckered by the whole Joaquin Phoenix thing. And it annoyed me before I found out it was a hoax because I get irritated me at the thought of someone who seemed to have talent acting so arrogant and lazy. And to be honest I was just as annoyed to find out it was a hoax because it seemed pretentious.

I hate pretentious.

I guess I also hate all these television, film and music stars who complain about their careers and act lazy. My feeling is I have countless talented friends who would love their life and love to be able to create movies and music while these silver turds sit there and bitch about it.

Yeah, you had me suckered Joaquin Phoenix!!

And there was that part of me that was kind of glad that the film tanked in the box office because there is something irritating about the whole idea of suckering the audience into the "Is this real? Is this a hoax? You decide!" type of concept. Personally, I think all the Entertainment New coverage of the whole "train wreck" did more damage in the end. Because by the time the movie came out, I didn't care.

It also annoyed me because Joaquin Phoenix is someone with talent and potential. And I hate seeing talent just arrogantly flush itself down the toilet. Especially after seeing what happened to Heath Ledger. We'll never know where his career would have gone next but I think he could have been great!

But I have to admit. I agree with Joaquin Phoenix. I don't stay up to watch late night television anymore, so I caught the edited highlights of his appearance on David Letterman this morning after breakfast. And Joaquin Phoenix came out as I expected him to. Well dressed (it looked like the same suit), his hair cut and clean-shaven.

But then when he began talking about is distaste for the whole Celebreality trend that has got the entertainment industry in a proverbial headlock, that's when I listened. The fact VH1 has this endless supply of shows dedicated to has-been celeb's looking for love, going through rehab and living in a house together makes me want to bash my head against a wall.

To make matters worse, now there's a crop of nobodies who are famous for nothing but being on these celebrity shows are getting there own shows!!

I think Andy Warhol might have understated his whole 15 minutes of fame prognostication.

I will probably NOT go out and see the Casey Affleck/Joaquin Phoenix joint venture. But I agree with everything Joaquin Phoenix said about the whole celebreality thing being a sham. That it isn't reality. These people are acting (badly) and just being famous for nothing.

So, I'm glad that it was a hoax. Which I think after a while we all kind of had a feeling it was. It just seemed a bit too over the top for it to be for real. Joaquin Phoenix has talent. And he's good looking enough not to be sickening. It was always a shame what happened to his brother River, who also had potential of being something great. So, hopefully Joaquin can go in a direction which his late brother was not able to go in for a longer period of time.

Things like this project can sometimes work to the movie's benefit. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. And I think the over exposure of the whole "Joaquin Phoenix gone mad" just killed it for everyone in the end.

So, all in all do the ends justify the means to make their point? Nope. The movie failed to capture people's interest and nearly made Casey Affleck go broke in the process.

But I agreed with what Joaquin Phoenix said on Letterman and I would dearly love this to be the death-kneel for the whole celebreality trend. Fat chance of that happening naturally, but I would love it to be true.

Now here's my second question. How old is Keanu Reeves and WHY the HELL would we want to see another Bill and Ted movie???


Andy Fish said...

It might make you feel good to know I don't even know who this ass clown is, nor do I care-- but I'm glad his film flopped after reading what you wrote.

I worked with literally dozens of celebrities at Unicef and trust me, most of them you wouldn't want as friends.

The majority are overpaid immature babies.

Bret M. Herholz said...

That doesn't surprise me in the least bit. I've watched half of these celeb shows on television and it just disgusts me the way they act.