Sunday, March 20, 2011

Diary of the Black Widow or Spaghetti Strand Murder... on stage perhaps?

It was a passing thought while I was making breakfast this morning. Which actually happened to be the first time I attempted to make pancakes from scratch. The difference with these is I add grits to the mix. Sydney liked them so it was a success!!

If you haven't tried adding grits to your 'cakes, I highly recommend you do. It adds a really nice flavor to them.

Well, while I was cooking I had a passing thought. Well, something that has been on my mind since my last couple of visits to the Hanover Theatre. How would my work translate as a stage place. In particular Diary of the Black Widow and the Spaghetti Strand Murder. Both of which started their lives as stage places. Black Widow I had written as a 45 Minute performance piece back in 2004 and Spaghetti Strand from two seperate sources. One from another performance piece I started to write by never finished with the same name.

And both graphic novels I borrowed bits and bobs from a full play I had written around 2000/2001 called Romance with a Croquet Mallet. Which I'm planning on using the rest in follow up to Spaghetti Strand Murder. Which will bear the name of the play I wrote nearly ten or eleven years ago. How time flies.

I know how I would go about staging both. I'd probably go with my original idea that I did with the Black Widow Murders stage play where I would have the set design done in my pen and ink style with the costumes and the make up done in blacks and grays if I were to adapt either graphic novels.

However, I suppose my biggest thought is how I would go about it. And what I would change to make it fit the confines of a stage play better. Spaghetti Strand would probably be able to adapt. It's Black Widow that might be a bit of a haul because I have a huge amount of backstory before we get into the meat of the story which was taken right from the performance piece. One thing I had considered was having the Black Widow narrate the beginning with small performances done in mime.

But it was a passing thought. Whether it becomes fully realized I'm not sure. But I think it might be fun.

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