Friday, December 9, 2011

The Marx Brothers (2013)

It looks like the Farrelly brothers have done it again!! After bringing the Three Stooges (with three actors who were not the Three Stooges) to the screen and injecting it with the type of humor you've come to expect from their films like There's Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber they've set their sites on yet another famous comedy trio.

And the result? COMEDY GOLD!!

Coming to theaters in the Summer of 2013: THE MARX BROTHERS!!

Starring three actors who are the only people who were born to play the brothers!!

Jim Carrey as Groucho Marx

Adam Sandler as Chico Marx

And only one actor has the range, the looks and depth to star as Harpo Marx.

And that actor is JACK BLACK!!

Groucho, Harpo and Chico are looking for their long lost brother Zeppo (played by Seth Rogen) who has been missing for 20 years. They just didn't bother to go look for him until they found out that he is going to be made a business partner in a multi-million dollar company run by wealthy widow Margaret Dumont (played by Cameron Diaz). If the brothers do not find Zeppo, the contract will go to an evil wealthy mogul(played by Will Ferrell).

Margaret Dumonts daughter (played by Jessica Alba) has been madly in love with Zeppo for all these years and proceeds to help the Brothers in finding her lost love.

Hilarity and hijinks ensue as the brothers travel around the world looking for Zeppo before Midnight at the end of the month. The evil wealthy mogul sends his hired goons to try and kill the brothers before they can find Zeppo.

With celebrity appearances in the movie by Justin Beiber, Simon Cowell, Gwen Stefani, Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, Hulk Hogan, Katy Perry, the cast from Glee, Ron Jeremy, Michael Bublé, Vanilla Ice and all the Kardashian sisters.

Not to mention a hilarious (and I mean HILARIOUS) guest cameo by Snoop Dogg which Groucho mistakes The Dogg Father's weed for his cigars. Since it is rolled up in a cigar.

As well as a scene in which Groucho proceeds to woo the Kardashian sisters while Harpo is dry humping them. Which Groucho quips, "I see you're trying to get to the bottoms of things" at Harpo. While Chico quips something in mock-Italian

Because in all the witty writing and the brilliant quips you've come to expect from the Marx Brothers what their movies have really lacked is women mistaking semen for hair gel, having chocolates switched with laxatives with the results being 15 minutes of shitting on the toilet only to find out it's broken and accidentally mistaking a bull for a cow and proceeding to come in with a bucket filled with what you milked and a "milk mustache".

The Marx Brothers will have all that.

A pivotal moment in the movie is when the Wealthy and Evil Mogul (still played by Will Ferrell) and his goons have Groucho and the brothers cornered after they finally find Zeppo.

With the treat of being killed, Harpo turns around at the would be attackers, lifts up his coat tails, and proceeds to rip the loudest fart imaginable, which sounds distinctly like the horn he carries around, shattering the windows and sending their would-be attackers flying out the window.

After this happens Groucho quips: "Flatulence will get you nowhere my boy". While Chico quips something in mock-Italian

All ends happy. Zeppo gets the girl and the contract. Groucho gets the widow. Chico quips something in mock-Italian. And everything else that happens with a happy ending.

Oh wait!! There is also a HIL-LAR-RI-OUS surprise appearance by the Three Stooges at the end of the film asking for directions from the Brothers and then Harpo finally saying "Who were those guys?" much to the surprise of everyone as the Stooges leave.

If you're already eagerly anticipating The Three Stooges, just you wait till 2013 for the Farrelly to strike gold again with THE MARX BROTHERS!!


Emily Holt said...

thank the heavens above that this is not true XD I watched the 3 Stooges trailer and wanted to claw my eyes out, what a disgrace.

Bret M. Herholz said...

Me too. They already tried to remake A Night at the Opera once with a movie called Brain Donors back in the 1990's. It was even directed by the Zucker brother who directed a few movies I enjoyed.

The result was awful.

Jason said...

Sasha Baron Cohen (the dictator) would make a great Groucho Marx, although Jim Carrey would fit too on that role.