Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Hideous Strength (A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups)

That Hideous Strength is the third and final novel in C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy which was preceeded by the novels Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra.

It is also my favorite novel in the series.

I feel as though if C.S. Lewis had lived long enough, he could have written for Doctor Who. As a matter of fact Lewis passed away on 22 November 1963. A day before Doctor Who made it's television debut.

That Hideous Strength has all the trappings of a great Doctor Who episode. Enigmatic figure in the form of Dr. Elwin Ransom. A rather nasty paramilitary group known as N.I.C.E which is in fact which is a front for sinister supernatural forces as well as bits and bobs of Greek Mythology and Arthurian Legend woven into it.

In short, the trappings for the perfect Doctor Who story.

The series on a whole I would highly recommend you pick up. I found them to be very enjoyable on the whole. However, I definitely found That Hideous Strength to be by far my favorite in the series.

I think if you're a fan of Doctor Who you will enjoy it in particular.

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T-Traveler said...

a wicked parody of academia and bureaucracy also a commentery on modern marriage. also deeply spiritual and a meditation on choosing to be redeemed