Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Astro Sasquatch vs. the Undead Pizza

I've known my friend Sean Fennell since High School. He was a brilliantly talented musician then and he's just gotten better over the years as his scope of musical influences has widened.

Think of a cross between Frank Zappa and John Kricfalusi if that is at all possible.

Well, about year or so ago he debut his hairy hero for hire Astro Sasquatch who (sort of) faced off against the Giant Walking Eye.

Now one year later he has followed it up with Astro Sasquatch vs. the Undead Pizza. Which was actually an illustration I did for him a while back with a feral pizza on top of some severed heads.

Well, for your viewing pleasure, here's the next installment. You might see a cameo by a certain geeky teenager's prom picture. Heh heh!!

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