Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sign up for my December Workshops and Winter/Spring Classes

My December Workshops as well as my Winter and Spring Classes are now available for sign-up at the Worcester Art Museum. Click on the link below to check out and sign up today:

Now accepting commissions for the Holidays!!

I am now accepting commissions for the Holidays.
Along with my regular style as seen in my books and prints, I am also willing to do requests in both Pop Art and a more cartoon style. Pop Art can vary from comic book art to a painting of your favorite comic strip.
As for medium. I work in pen and ink. But I can also do pieces in watercolor, gouche and in digital colors.
I don't usually do pieces in Acrylic or Tempera. However, I would be opened to any requests in either. Since they would be created on canvas, they would most likely a lot more factoring in supplies and shipping as well as the size of the piece.
I don't work in oils. I'm just not good at it and the smells of the oils and varinishes make me sick. Sorry.
Anyone who is looking for a piece digitally colored can rest assured that the original color file will be deleted once I have printed it making it a one-of-a-kind piece. You will also have the original mailed to you at no additional cost.
Any interested parties can e-mail me at for more information about pricing, size and what you have in mind for a particular illustration.

Monday, November 26, 2012

stART at the Station blog: Holiday Art

Every year I try my best to write a blog imparting a little advice to anyone who is new with any of the stART on the Street events. I've been doing the event since 2005. Which I suppose is a drop in the ocean next to the people who have been doing the shows since stART's inception 10 years ago.

I've enjoyed the holiday shows they have held at Worcester's Union Station nearly as much as their Park Avenue shows. Union Station has really been the ideal place for a show of this nature.

But as far as "holiday art" possibly the best advice I could give is think of doing work people wouldn't just hang up in their house on the holidays. But something they would give as a gift that would hang up all year round.

This advice I guess is really more for people who create illustrations and print art.

There is a need for Winter scenes, Christmas trees and stuff of that nature. However, don't just limit yourself to that. I've found that Classic Children's Literature is the ideal subject for holiday art. It's nice to have that image of Peter Pan or Ozma hanging over the bed while you read your child one of their stories.

In the long run, having illustrations like that will make your repertoire all the stronger for potential shoppers.

stART at the Station Artwork

I completed a couple more illustrations for stART at the Station that is taking place this coming Sunday December 2nd!! I plan on having four more completed before the show.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wallace "Wally" Wood

Wally Wood was probably one of my favorite MAD artists. Although, he did so much more work than just MAD Magazine. I had first come across his work in a compilation called The Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics. This book was really my first introduction to many other classic comics and classic comic book artists. And Plastic Man.

And the page above from MAD Magazine's Superduperman was one of the stories in that compilation.

There were several things that attracted me to Wally Wood's art... other than the way he drew women since I was going through puberty at the time... one of which was his drawing style and the way he was able to mix the slightly more realistic style of the superhero comics with a very cartoony style. Years before Todd MacFarlane did it in the pages of Spider-Man. The other was the insane and almost obsessive way he would cram so many odd images and jokes into every panel. Even something as simple as constantly changing Superduperman's logo in every single panel.

Another favorite of mine was the work he did on a parody of Walt Kelly's Pogo. Apparently, Walt Kelly himself liked it and even did parodies of his own comic in MAD on occassion. Even in his attempts to make the characters look bizarre and different in this parody, Wood does an amazing job aping Kelly's style.

Wood had also done many penciling and inking jobs for the big boys Marvel and DC, doing work on titles such as Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Challangers of the Unknown, House of Mystery as well as artwork for TOPP's classic Mars Attacks trading cards and helping to create the Earth 2's version of Supergirl called Power Girl.

I have to confess, I never read any of Wood's more adult work like Sally Forth.

Sadly, Wood's later life was not the happiest having suffered bouts of inexplicable headaches and kidney failure due alcoholism. A stroke in 1978 caused him to lose eyesight in his right eye. Faced with declining health and career prospects he committed suicide by gunshot in 1981 at the age of 54.

I was thrilled recently to see that Batman: Brave and the Bold animated his immortal Batman parody Batboy and Rubin. The animation was a terrific homage to Wood's original.

At his height he was definitely up there with the greats. And if you're just getting started out in comics and comic books I definitely recommend you check out Wally Wood's work.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Special Holiday Auction!!

 A couple special auctions to kick off the ole gift-giving season!! Right now you can bid on the original artwork used for the book I did with my wife Syd MEMENTO MORI!! Not only will the winning bidder receive the original cover art PERSONALLY SIGNED to them. But they will also receive a copy of the book signed by myself and Syd!!
Also for sale, is the poster art I did for the Kentucky Repertory Theatre's adaptation of William Gillette's 1899 play SHERLOCK HOLMES. Which I also did the set design for. Mind you, this is not a print or a reproduction. This is ORIGINAL ARTWORK!! The winning bidder will receive the art PERSONALLY signed to them along with a copy of my graphic novel SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE PAINFUL PREDICAMENT OF ALICE FAULKNER.

Also for sale is another opportunity to win a copy of THE CASQUE OF AMONTILLADO with an original pen and ink sketch!!

Click on the link below to start bidding on one of these items. Happy Holidays and Happy Bidding:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Franksgribbles!!

I admit to Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday. I suppose because it hasn't succumb to the depressing commercialism of Christmas or Easter. Not to mention how ridiculous the whole Black Friday thing has become over the past several years.I'm well aware it's been going on for a while. However, I don't remember it being rammed down our throats as much with the amount of commercials shoved at us ever six seconds.

For me, Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy food and drink with family and friends. I suppose if you happen to hate your family, I can understand why Thanksgiving (or holidays in general) can be such a chore.

But there are several things on the horizon to look forward to.

With the month of December approaching, there are a few shows and special holiday auctions to look forward to. I will be setting up a couple of special E-Bay auctions. One will be a copy of Syd and my new book MEMENTO MORI. The winning bidder will receive not only their copy signed by the both of us but they will also receive an original pen and ink sketch as well.

December will also see the release of my collection of Sherlock Holmes artwork from over the past 12 years, A STUDY IN SHERLOCK. I will be setting up a couple of Sherlock Holmes related auctions on E-Bay as well.

But December also means stART at the Station!! This year it will be taking place Sunday December 2nd at Worcester's historic Union Station. I've done the show for the past several years and it's a great opportunity to find some unique handmade gifts by not only local artists and crafters. But artists and crafters from far off.

Yeah!! Taking part in stART's shows has become coveted by artists and crafters.

This year not only will Syd and I be selling our book as well as my artwork and prints. But this show will be the debut of Syd's handmade jewelry. And she's been getting requests for commissions already!! So take this opportunity of buying her work before they're sold out!!

I will also be doing Beatnik's Indie Art Market Tuesday December 4th!! Niki and Josh who run Beatnik's are great people and have given many local artists a chance to showcase their work. If you haven't done an Indie Art Market yet, I highly recommend you contact Beatniks.

I will keep you all posted if more events happen to appear on the horizon. Otherwise, Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Study in Sherlock cover

I just finished tweaking the file for my next book. A collection of practically all the Sherlock Holmes artwork I have done over the past 12 years. Which will include illustrations, small pen and ink sketches, comic art and set design.
I hoping to have a few copies available by the time stART at the Station rolls around. But if things go pear-shaped, it'll be available on and for download on Kindle.
Perfect for a last minute stocking stuffer.
However Memento Mori, the book I worked on with my wife Syd, WILL be available for purchase at stART. It's already available for purchase and available for download!! You can find a link to it on the right hand side of your computer screen.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cover art for Memento Mori

Now that I am basically in the homestretch, I thought I'd unveil the new book I've been working on with Syd for the past month or so which will be titled Memento Mori. It features a killer (no puns intended) introduction by Worcester's own boneyard historians The Gravestone Girls.
I will let you know when it is available for purchase!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Interview on Earth Station One

And now for something non-political and non-trying-to-tell-you-how-and-who-you-should-vote for. Because I'm sure you're fairly sick of being accosted by all the political ads that have been plaguing us on television in the past year or so. Feels longer.

I did an interview for Earth Station One a couple days before Halloween to promote both the Casque of Amontillado and the book Syd and I are currently working on together. I also chatted about other books I have worked on since last I was on their program such as the Ninnies and Gloomy Presentiments Of Things To Come as well as my set design work for the Kentucky Repertory Theatre's production of Sherlock Holmes.

And I got to be the first victim to sit in their Geek Seat (pictured above is dramatic interpretation of what it may or may not look like) to chat about my fantasy geek job (writing for Doctor Who natch) and what is not my fantasty geek job (being Lindsay Lohan's acting coach) as well as several other geek related questions. You can click on the link below to hear my interview:

If you can't vote my way, vote anway! But Vote!

To be honest, I've never been big into politics or very outgoing with my opinions on that subject. I've always agreed with my Grandparents generation who felt voting was a person thing and didn't talk about the candidates they were voting for in public.

If you enjoy debating politics online or in public, that's fine. It's just not my thing. I don't enjoy cutting people to the quick politically, spiritually or philisophically.

So this is about as political as I'll ever get and I think Walt Kelly's Pogo sums it up beautifully:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My study in Sherlock. Things to look forward to in my next book...

As I finish up on the book I'm working on with my wife Syd, I have also finished compiling illustrations (like the one above) for a book featuring a great number of Sherlock Holmes artwork I have done since 2000. This will include illustrations, comic art and small works.

While not all the work featured will be a gem. Matter of fact some of it is pretty bad. But it does represent a stage in my development as a professional artists and my development in my understand of the character of Sherlock Holmes.

And eventually aided me in my approach of the character when I decided to adapt William Gillette's play into a graphic novel.

I'm hoping to have both this book and the one I'm completing with Syd out just in time for Holiday shopping.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

And for the million dollar question. Will I be watching Elementary tonight? And the answer is...

However, I do plan on watching Justice League: Doom and Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season Three.

Two new books out this coming month

The illustration above is one of the pieces that will be appearing in the book I've been working on with Syd for the past month or so chronicling our various visits to some of the local cemeteries aroun Massachusetts.
Another book I am pleased to announce will be a collection of all the Sherlock Holmes related artwork I have done since 2000 like the image of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell I did for an issue of the Mystery Review I did many moons ago.
Both books will be available for purchase just in time for stART at the Station in early December!!