Monday, March 23, 2015

Wonder Woman as Interpreted by Darwyn Cook

I guess I really AM out of touch when it comes to collecting and reading comic books these days...

...and when I say reading comic books, I mean keeping up with an ongoing title issue by issue from either Marvel and DC. So I was not aware that they basically changed Batman's costume to resemble one of the robots from the movie CHAPPIE.

And part of me really just doesn't care. Even the upcoming news that they are going to be basically doing something similar to the New 52 over at Marvel really just DID NOT phase me much.

They stated that the Marvel Universe as we have come to know it since 1961 is going to come to end. But I'll be honest. The current Marvel universe really ISN'T the one we've known since 1961. The same goes for DC. Over the years it's become so convoluted with revisionist pasts and whatnot it's just not the same Spider-Man or Batman I knew as a kid. And probably that Spider-Man or Batman wasn't the same one readers older than myself knew when they were a kid.

But that's perhaps a subject for another day. And this particular blog post isn't supposed to be the usual grouchy old man rant.

 I was reading an article recently about some of the revisions they have done to Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman over the years. And wrinkling my nose in disapproval at the new looks they have chosen for each character. Wonder Woman in particular I think my favorite interpretation of the character was by artist Darwyn Cook for his NEW FRONTIERS miniseries.

For one thing I really love his early Silver Age style of artwork. The the simple bold lines on the characters are great. And his aesthetic choices for the way everybody's favorite Amazonian Princess are equally as great. I like the fact he decided NOT TO make her look like Paris Hilton. This Wonder Woman looks like she could totally kick your ass. Hell! I have no doubt this Wonder Woman could kick Superman's ass! 

The other thing I like is the fact Cook chose to make WW a couple inches to a foot taller than the Man of Steel. 

This is a choice suppose might have left the slightly more insecure group of male comic fans a bit miffed at the thought of a woman being taller than a man. But the choice made perfect sense to me. She's an Amazon. They're a warrior race. Heck! Even Lynda Carter is 5'9"!!

Not saying a woman under 5 feet tall couldn't kick someone's ass. But from the visual standpoint and given the origins of the character. Having her standing a bit taller than ole Supes makes perfect sense.

That's why I think Darwyn Cook hit it out of the park with his version of Wonder Woman.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

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