Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Final Problem 11x14 Pen and Ink Commission

Just completed my latest commission of THE ADVENTURE OF THE FINAL PROBLEM. Inked in Deleter #4 Black Drawing Ink on Canson 11x14 Bristol Board.
Sherlock Holmes's pose is based on an illustration by an artist who went by the moniker Spy. That image was based on actor William Gillette. Professor Moriarty in my piece was based on Peter Cushing.
Although, Mr. Cushing had portrayed Holmes on both film and television, I always thought he would have made a great Professor Moriarty.

Alice Promotional Cards fresh off the printer

Hoping to pass out a few of these beauties to some voice artists attending MASSive Con at the DCU Center in Worcester MA next month.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Circumstances of the Peculiar Boy

Throwback Thursday is something silly created by social media... not really sure where it started but there you are.

Some time ago I did a short story titled THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE PECULIAR BOY. I did it originally in the Undercoverfish Anthology. Later I published it in a collection titled CONFESSIONS OF A PECULIAR BOY... AND OTHER STORIES (the "other stories" inspired by titles from Dr. Seuss) for Alterna Comics. The story featured an old bedridden woman in a nursing home who is vexed by a "peculiar boy" that seems to have chosen to sit in her favorite chair. She is annoyed because she can no longer sit in said chair and she resents this boy for being able to do so.

It should be mentioned that the "Peculiar Boy" you see in that tale was actually me. I based the image of the boy on my own Kindergarten photo.

There's a long tale behind the story itself. But I haven't the time to tell it today. But you can still download the book containing the story for your Kindle on!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Final Problem Commission

Pencils on 11x14 Canson Bristol Board. Ink will be applied once I get the thumbs up from the client. Sorry about the quality. I pencil fairly light and it doesn't show up well on my tablet. Most of my details I do directly with ink. I just use pencil for (very loose) plotting out.

Both the Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook and Sherlock Holmes's London have been invaluable resources. I've been using photo's of the recreation of Holmes's sitting room in the Sherlock Holmes Pub as reference material for Baker Street in this illustration.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sherlock Commission #2

A second Sherlock Holmes commission inspired by a Sidney Paget original. Making progress on it. Added a table of knickknacks and will be doing a light sepia wash soon. Luckily Deleter#4 is waterproof. I found that out when I was trying to do an ink wash and actually WANTED the lines I made to run a little.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Commissioned Art: THE SIGN OF FOUR

Illustrated on Bainbridge 15x20 Illustration Board in Deleter #4 Black Drawing Ink.
I'm back to using Deleter after trying out Sumi Ink. I've just found I enjoy working in Deleter much more and missed it. I'll probably have to order some more bottles of it.
It's also the first time I've worked on Bainbridge Illustration Board in nearly 13 or 14 years.
The request was to have Sherlock Holmes more in line with Basil Rathbone's look as the character. I also got a little inspiration from artist Robin Jacques's artwork for a radio adaptation of THE SIGN OF FOUR featured in an issue of RADIO TIMES. The image was published in THE SHERLOCK HOLMES SCRAPBOOK (which has a wonderful introduction by Peter Cushing) which I usually work from when I need reference material along with SHERLOCK HOLMES'S LONDON.

Just what the Doctor ordered...

I have never shied away from the fact I am a life long Doctor Who fan. Ever since the early 1980's when WGBH Channel 2 Boston started playing them around 7PM in the evening (I think) I have been hooked on the show.
I look at it this way. You either love the show or you just don't get it. I love the show.
Recently, my wife Syd had found a Groupon to go to Super Mega Fest in Marlborough Massachusetts. One of the guests at the show was going to be Sylvester McCoy. Which some of you might know as Radagast the Brown.
But the rest of us Doctor Who fans know as The Seventh Doctor.
Well, we got the Groupon. How many chances does one get in one's lifetime to meet an actor who portrayed a character you enjoyed greatly.
I decided to present Sylvester with an original illustration. But I decided to do it with a twist. Back in the day there was a novel in the Doctor Who New Adventure line which had #7 crossing paths with Sherlock Holmes.
And I read recently, Big Finish Productions was to do an audio adaption of said novel with Sylvester McCoy portraying his incarnation of the Doctor.
So I decided to use that as the basis of my illustration.

Having Holmes and Watson entering the Doctor's TARDIS. I also used the TARDIS console room from the 1996 Paul McGann movie because he had stated in past interviews it being a favorite of his.
I finished the piece, framed and matted it and Syd and I gave it to him at Super Mega Fest.
And what might have helped him accepting the piece is he liked my hat. Which was the first comment he made when I walked over. Probably grinning like an idiot.
For those of you non-Doctor Who fans to understand. For me, this was like meeting William Shatner and Mark Hamill in person.
Later in the day I won some swag in Nerd Trivia because I knew Luke Skywalkers nickname on Tatooine and who was the artistic team who created Captain America...
...and just in case you didn't know the answers were Wormie and Joe Simon and Jack Kirby respectively. You don't know how many people said Stan Lee. Although, he did help to create half if not most of the Marvel Universe. However, he did not create Captain America.